Bulk Submission Questions

Can I use the bulk submission method and also submit policies in SLIP manually?

Yes, the system can handle this, but it is recommended you use only one method to avoid the possibility of duplicating filing submissions.      

How can I generate a bulk file from our data management system?

You will need to work with your IT staff to identify the best method to export data from your data management system in the required format. There are several resources available on our website providing detail about the bulk submission method including a Bulk Submission Manual, sample bulk submission files, and an XML Schema.      

Can the bulk submission method modify previously submitted transactions?

You can modify previously submitted transactions using the bulk submission method provided the transaction(s) you wish to modify were previously submitted using the bulk submission Method, a unique Agency_Transaction_ID was provided in the initial submission, and the transaction(s) have not already been registered by the Surplus Line Association of Oregon.      

What is the “Agency_Transaction_ID” element used for in the XML bulk submission schema?

The Agency_Transaction_ID is a unique alphanumeric value provided by the licensee used to uniquely identify a policy transaction submitted using the bulk submission method. The purpose of the Agency_Transaction_ID is to provide the ability for a licensee to update previously submitted policy transactions using the bulk submission method. When SLIP receives an Agency_Transaction_ID, it will search for the existence of a previously submitted Agency_Transaction_ID with the same value. If the Agency_Transaction_ID is found, it will attempt to modify the previously submitted transaction with the new data provided.  The Agency_Transaction_ID should be a unique value spanning all bulk submissions for the licensee.       

What is the procedure for making a bulk submission?

Please contact your SLIP licensee administrator for a SLIP account. If you do not have one, please contact the Surplus Line Association of Oregon to obtain an account.  Once you log in to SLIP, you can upload a bulk submission file containing policy data for one or more polices.

We highly recommend testing new bulk submission files on the SLIP TRAINING site to ensure your batch submissions are valid prior to submitting them on the SLIP PRODUCTION environment. To make use of the TRAINING site, please contact the Surplus Line Association of Oregon to acquire the TRAINING site URL, username, and password.

Please refer to the files listed at the bottom of this section to help you create a bulk submission file in a format accepted by SLIP:

Can I use Excel to create a bulk submission file?

The data contained within a bulk submission file must be in XML format. XML is a different way of storing data than Excel. XML is a standard for data exchange providing several inherent benefits, including data validation, structural enforcement, and platform independence. Please review the Bulk Submission Manual for Licensees and work with your technical staff to prepare your file appropriately.      

Do I need a SLIP account to submit a bulk submission file?

Yes, a SLIP account is required to submit policy data using an XML bulk submission file.      

Can I manually update a policy transaction that has been submitted through an XML bulk submission file?

Yes, you can manually update transactions in SLIP that were submitted through an XML bulk submission. However, this cannot work the other way around; you will not able to modify transactions using the bulk submission method unless the transaction was originally entered through the bulk submission method and a unique Agency_Transaction_ID was provided.      

How often can I use the bulk submission method?

There is no restriction on how often an XML bulk submission file may be uploaded. However, the Surplus Line Association of Oregon does request that organizations with high volume please communicate with the Surplus Line Association of Oregon to determine an appropriate rate of submission that will ensure a timely examination process.      

Bulk Submission Resources

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