Surplus Lines Insurance In Oregon

Insurance coverage on Oregon properties or operations in the state of Oregon placed in insurance companies not admitted to do business in Oregon must meet the requirements of the Oregon Surplus Lines Law.  If Oregon is the "home state", the placement must be made by an Oregon licensed surplus lines producer. To be licensed as a surplus lines producer, Oregon residents must be licensed as an Oregon property and casualty agent and pass the Oregon surplus lines producer qualifying exam. Non-residents may be licensed in Oregon if they are licensed as a non-resident Oregon property and casualty producer and hold a valid surplus lines producer's license in their resident state.  More information may be found in the sections "Oregon Statutes" and "Licensing Procedures" at the left of this screen.   

Insurance Company Qualification

It is the sole responsibility of the surplus lines producer to determine the eligibility of the insurer to be used at the time placement is made. A list of carriers not rejected by the State of Oregon based on the most recent financial statements provided to the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation is included on this website (click "Insurer Listing" under the "Resources" tab at the top of this page). This list is not a list of approved insurers. The list is a tool for the surplus lines producer to utilize in discharging his or her responsibility to select an insurer that meets the requirements of the Oregon Statutes at the time of placement. The list in no way implies that the State of Oregon or the Surplus Line Association of Oregon make any assertion that the carriers listed meet the requirements of the Oregon Surplus Lines Laws. More information regarding insurance companies can be found at the Division of Financial Regulation website.


Anyone placing surplus lines business on a policy for which Oregon is the "home state" must complete a filing form, file the form, and pay appropriate taxes and charges to the State of Oregon. The Surplus Line Association of Oregon acts as a stamping office to review the filings and assist the State of Oregon in collection of the taxes.