List of current links to related sites. 

Oregon Division of Financial Regulation (Insurance Department)
DFR is part of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon's largest consumer protection agency.  
WSIA (Wholesale & Specialty Insurance Association)
The WSIA was formed on August 1, 2017 with the merger of NAPSLO and AAMGA.  It is an association of insurance professionals that serves the wholesale, specialty and surplus lines industry.

SLA Arizona - Surplus Line Association of Arizona
Executive Director Scott Wede, Phone: 602-279-6344.

SLA California - The Surplus Line Association of California
Executive Director Ben McKay, Phone: 415-434-4900.

SLA Florida - Florida Surplus Lines Service Office
Executive Director Gary Pullen, Phone: 850-224-7676.

SLA Idaho - Surplus Line Association of Idaho
Manager Carrie Negrette, Phone: 208-336-2901.

SLA Illinois - Surplus Line Association of Illinois
Chief Executive Officer David Ocasek, Phone: 312-263-1993.

SLA Minnesota - Surplus Lines Association of Minnesota
Executive Director Nicholas Schroeder, Phone: 320-679-4244.

SLA Mississippi - Mississippi Surplus Lines Association
Executive Director Peggy Dronet, Phone: 601-713-1111. 

SLA Nevada - Nevada Surplus Lines Association
Executive Director Maria Muzea, Phone: 775-826-7898.

SLA New York - Excess Line Association of New York
Executive Director Daniel Maher, Phone: 646-292-5500.

SLA North Carolina - North Carolina Surplus Lines Association
Executive Director Steve Allen, Phone: 919-746-8415.

SLA Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania Surplus Line Association
Executive Director Marie Rudert, Phone: 610-594-1340. 

SLTX - Surplus Lines Stamping Office of Texas
Executive Director Greg Brandon, Phone: 512-531-1880.

SLA Utah - Surplus Lines Association of Utah
Executive Director Sylvia Bruno, Phone 801-944-0114.

SLA Washington - Surplus Lines Association of Washington
Executive Director Robert Hope, Phone 206-682-3409.