Membership In The Surplus Line Association of Oregon

All surplus lines producers licensed in Oregon are eligible for membership in the Surplus Line Association of Oregon.  To become a member, applicants must first have secured an Oregon surplus lines license through the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation. After licensing, applicants for membership are required to accept and pledge adherence to the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Association and submit an application for membership.  Membership in the Association shall automatically terminate upon a member's ceasing to be an Oregon licensed surplus lines producer. Members desiring to file policies in compliance with Oregon statutes must also submit a Filing Registration Application form  (see “note” below).  Membership alone does not provide access to the Association's filing system.

Note: The Association is responsible for reviewing all Oregon surplus lines placements and assisting the State of Oregon in collecting premium taxes on those placements.  Any party, member or non-member, desiring to file a surplus lines policy in order to comply with Oregon law must complete and submit a Filing Registration Application form (available upon request at in order to establish access to SLIP (the online filing system).  Membership in the Association is not required in order to use the Association's filing system.  

Print the form and complete manually:

Oregon SLA Membership Application