Filing Procedures

Filing Surplus Lines Policies in Oregon

The Surplus Line Association of Oregon (SLA) is responsible for reviewing Oregon surplus lines placements and assisting the State of Oregon in collecting premium and fire marshal taxes on Oregon surplus lines placements.  Surplus lines policies must be filed with the SLA on the forms provided by the SLA.  These forms permit review of the basic requirements and the calculation of the taxes for each placement.  In order to file a policy with the SLA, prospective filers must register by contacting the SLA at  

Using web-assisted forms, registered filers prepare and submit electronic records and support documentation to the SLA office for review.  Filers are billed quarterly by the SLA for the taxes to be paid the State of Oregon and for the Surplus Lines Service Charge (SLSC).

Each filer receives specific instructions on how to file when they register with the SLA.

A “Tax Calculator” tool is available on this website to enable all interested parties to calculate taxes that would apply to an Oregon surplus lines transaction.  (The tax calculator is a tool only – it is not a filing mechanism.)

Taxes and Other Charges

Surplus lines policies are subject to three charges, which are paid quarterly:

  1. State of Oregon Premium Tax:  2% of premium and fees/charges.
  2. State of Oregon Fire Marshal Tax:  0.3% of premium and fees/charges.
  3. The SLSC is a one-time, fully-earned service charge due the SLA, and is billed with the initial policy premium (or the annual premium  billing for multi-year policies).  The rate is a flat $10.00 for all policies.  See the “Tax Calculator” for additional details.