Licensing Procedures

Surplus Line Insurance Licensing In Oregon

All Applicants:
To secure the proper current forms, all resident applicants should contact Veronica Diaz in the licensing department of the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation at (503) 947-7274 or and nonresident applicants should contact Denise Ricketts at (503) 947-7261 or  Or visit the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation website.

Remember that applicants must first be licensed as an Oregon property and casualty producer as a prerequisite to being licensed as a surplus line producer.  General requirements for licensing follow.

Residents of Oregon desiring to handle surplus line insurance transactions must first become licensed as property and casualty insurance producers. Having qualified as a property and casualty insurance producer (requirements: pre-licensing education, passing an exam and having an acceptable business and personal background), a licensee may make application to have his/her license endorsed to permit surplus line transactions.  To qualify for surplus line authority, the producer must pass the additional surplus line insurance examination and complete the appropriate application form.  Further details including the necessary forms may be found on the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation website.

There is no specifically designed study material for the surplus line exam and at this time no education provider is offering training for the exam.  The application form indicates the specific areas that the applicant will be tested on and study may be accomplished by reviewing the applicable statutes and general insurance education courses.   IIA offers courses, leading to the Associate in Surplus Line Insurance (ASLI), which are very good training for the exam.

Non-residents may be licensed in Oregon upon submission of an application and the appropriate documentation showing that:

  • They are licensed as a non-resident property and casualty producer in Oregon
  • They are licensed as a surplus line producer in their state of residence
  • Their state of residence or the regulator in their state of residence will license Oregon residents on the same basis as Oregon will license residents of that state 
Further information (including the necessary forms) is available on the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation website.

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