Will my user account from the previous online system still work in SLIP?
No, you will need to register for a new user profile in SLIP. To file a new user profile registration request, go to the SLIP Login screen and click “Register”. Registration requests are reviewed and approved by the requested licensee’s administrator(s).
How do I create my SLIP user account?
SLIP user profiles are created and maintained by your licensee’s SLIP administrator. SLIP licensee administrators are created by the Surplus Line Association of Oregon. If you are a licensee that does not currently have an account, contact the SLA at
When SLIP goes live on April 1st, will all of my licensee’s data submitted through the previous online filing system be available online?
Yes, all previously submitted and registered policy data for your licensee will be migrated into SLIP on April 1st.
Can I modify a Policy Number?
Yes, a policy number may be modified provided the initiating business transaction for the policy has not been registered. If you need to change the policy number on a policy that has had the initiating business transaction registered, you may file a Change Request transaction for the policy. Changes requested in the Change Request transaction will take effect when the SLA has reviewed and registered the transaction.
What is a registered transaction?
A policy transaction is registered if it has been reviewed by Surplus Line Association of Oregon, deemed to be properly reported, and accepted.
Will system users from other licensees be able to view or access my data?
No, the data submitted for the licensee through SLIP is secure and is only accessible to your licensee’s SLIP users.